We are here to bring us altogether to the social contribution activity to QualitePrix!

Not only is social contribution activity can help serve the society but also is a great opportunity of our learning and growing. QualitePrix has put up a slogan, “What we can do now for the society, for our own and for the children in the future.” We as employees happily cooperate in social contribution activity with the company.

Used postage stamp & bell mark:
enviimgAs one of the activities we all participate as social contribution, we have boxes to collect used postage stamps & bell marks in our office, and they are sent to “the Japan Committee for UNICEF” and “Japan Committee Vaccines for Children” respectively, and would be utilized all over the world for the children in need.


Vaccines to the children in the world:
cappicWe also collect PET bottle caps in our office to help Japan Committee Vaccines for the children in the world.
You can save children in the world with your vaccines just by keeping your PET bottle caps!
* 400 pcs of caps are equivalent to 10 yen (0.10USD)
* Polio vaccine is 20 yen for 1 person.
* 800 pcs of caps can save 1 child.


We like clean and green: Sweepers near Nakameguro station.
sweeThe motto of “Sweepers” is clear; “our own town should be cleaned by our own hands,” held by Meguro-Ku, many of us take a part in the clean town environment. We voluntarily joined “Sweepers,” picking up the cigarette buds, empty soda cans, and anything you see on the street that is bothering the clean town environment. We actively cooperate in such volunteer and community services.

activity report of team “Sweepers”

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