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Ecology & Well Being By Science Based Product
Appointed as the first and only one Japanese ambassador of TDPA™, Totally Degradable Plastic
Additives that enables polyolefin films to undergo a complete degradation, we have been contributing to the
environment by planning/manufacturing/distributing our technology, and also by participating in Team Minus
6%. (For more information, please go to the official website at http://www.team-6.jp/english/about.html)
Our company name QualitePrix came from a French word for quality price in English. No matter if it is
environmental friendly shopping bags or some dietary supplements that have been clinically studied and
proven at numerous academic institutions, our products have always been QualitePrix, since the company
has been established in 2002.

Developing our own technology after years of experience, we have come to present a whole variety of
customer-satisfying products, many of which are patented and include clinical, professional researches. We
strive and continue to grow to provide your well being by science based products.


Message from the President and Chief Executive Officer

I was astonished, and very disappointed, to know that our honored, beautiful, and magnificent Mt. Fuji was
not selected as the world heritage because of the garbage including plastic products. This was back in the
days when people did not know or care much about being “eco-friendly.”
The incident then intrigued my thoughts, “Can we make plastic products that do not harm the environment?”
That was the beginning.

When I was first introduced to the TDPA™ Totally Degradable Plastic Additives with which plastic
products after use could be back to nature on earth, I was convinced that the problems we were facing
against the environment would be solved by people’s wisdom and technology.

Protecting the environment and saving our children’s future by genuinely ecological yet economical products
is our goal by all means.
“What we can do now for the children in the future.” We, QualitePrix as a team, are making every effort to
achieve our goal.


Company’s philosophy

Qualite means quality and Prix means price. QualitePrix means to deliver the high quality-value added
products with reasonable price which our customers understand.
Based on this philosophy, we continue to protect the environment on earth without sacrificing today’s
convenience and contribute to sustainable development of the environment on earth.

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