1.Basic principle:

Based on the philosophy that we strongly encourage the use of plastic products with TDPA™ Totally Degradable Plastic Additives which is completely safe and effective to the conservation of natural environment, we contribute to the society through our continuous business activities which would be in harmony with the global environment.

2.Environmental action policy:

We take the responsibility in utilizing natural resources and preserving the global environment, and we execute the following policies through our product research/development/manufacturing/sales of plastic film products that are supported by our technology.

  1. We conform to every law, rule, and agreement that is related to our environment.By forming organizations, we make every effort to alleviate any environmental harm,to act continuously for contribution to the global environment.
  2. In all business activities, we commit to minimize the industrial waste and attemptto develop products that are least harmful to our environment.
  3. Our effective production activities by saving natural resources and energy, and by recycling, would lead to our contribution to the society for not only being environmental friendly but also giving positive effect on the economy.
  4. Our goals and policies towards the environment are to be reviewed and amended,if needed, in order to be able to achieve a continuous contribution to our society.
  5. To conform to our environmental policy as stated above, to accomplish a through management of our activities against environmental issues, we make our employees become aware of the policy in writing. We strive to improve the constitution based on the environmental regard in daily activities.


Japan is one of the countries known for its beautiful nature as it is surrounded by the sea, mountains, sand hills, river, ravine and plenty of other sceneries.

However, to our great disappointment, our symbolic Mt. Fuji has not been authorized as world heritage. The reason being, it is said, is that there are too much garbage such as plastic shopping bags, garbage bags, and wrapping films. Furthermore, at the first dive of seabed exploration submarine “Shinkai 2000″, the crew found something glittering and collected it. To surprise, it turned out to be some plastic food packaging where one of the popular anime character among children printed. This has been an anecdote.

With that being said, although plastic products have brought us great convenience to our life, they can also be cause of the problems which destroy the environment.

To confront these conditions, we are approaching all kinds of different markets to present our plastic products with TDPA™ Totally Degradable Plastic Additives which can preserve our natural environment and yet offer economical benefit at the same time.


We believe that our company mission would be to contribute to the implementation of the society where sustainable development in the world would be accomplished. We recognize it is a very important management issue that can improve the value of the company in a broad sense.

In order to create rich and green city environment, we are determined to progress our business with environmental efficiency, preserving global environment. We define it a symbiosis within natural environment and we plan to successfully achieve the goal both technically and economically, within a reasonable range.